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Home Flooring Carpets


Worldwide now, loop pile carpets, chosen for their aesthetics, comfort and acoustic properties, have become the preferred carpets across commercial establishments and residential complexes. To cater to this growing trend, 'UNITEX' is offering a range of plain & graphic loop and cut pile carpets for the Indian boardrooms and households.

UNITEX range of carpets posses many features like:

  • Available in different pile heights varying from low, tightly constructed to a more luxurious high level pile.
  • Excellent durability and strength.
  • Resistant to grime and good soil hiding capabilities
  • Do not have tendency to show tracking (footprints).

One of the main advantages of loop pile carpets is that the finished product tends to be easy to clean. The loops actually can help prevent spills from soaking into the body of the carpet. Along with the helping to fend off stains, the looped designs also holds up well to clean with professional machinery, even when strong chemicals are used for the task.

UNITEX offers a wide range of styles and colours of carpets to fit any budget and any room. Wall to wall carpets offer great advantages from home carpeting solutions.